Tips for Successful Native Advertising

21/11/2018 Site Promotion

  In this cut-throat competitive business environment, companies compete with number of competitors to acquire customer’s interest. The digital marketplace has become highly competitive and only publishing quality advertisement is not enough. Customers generally ignore digital advertisement as being intrusive and causing distraction, so most of the effort towards digital advertisement becomes nullified. Native advertising is emerging as a popular medium for gaining customer attraction.

Few considerations which will ensure successful native advertising are as follows:

Select the Right Platform

  It is critical to select the right platform for advertising. The advertisers should choose the ideal platform where the target customers can be reached.

Customize the Content According to the Platform

  The native advertising’s specialty is that it blends with the platform and the content and feels like natural advertising. It is important to ensure that the final advertising looks and feels like a part of the content published on the page itself. The layout, design, and text of the native advertising should match with style and the text layout of the platform so that the advertisement feels like a part of the platform.

Provide Value

 A native advertisement is meant to provide solutions to the potential customers. It does not try to force itself as an advertisement. If the native advertisement does not provide value, it is likely to be ignored by the user. Content is important as the end users like to consume quality and engaging content and ignore the mediocre ones.

Make the Advertisement Mobile Friendly

  Mobile platform is emerging as the popular means for surfing and digital advertisement. The native advertising should be designed in a manner to make it compatible with mobile platform. This will increase the outreach of the native advertising and give better results.

Do Not Use Clickbait

  The advertisement should be simple and convey its meaning clearly. It should not be deceptive or try to fool the potential customer. If unethical practices like clickbait and deceiving the customers are being practiced, then the customers will not have faith on the advertisement and ignore it.

Retargeting the Customer

 Retargeting a user who has already seen and interacted with the advertisement once, is an effective means to increase the conversion rate. Due to the cookies stored on the visitor’s browser, insightful data on the user’s behavior can be accessed. After analyzing the behavior and requirements of the users, retargeting can be done to improve the conversion rates.

Native advertising if done effectively has immense potential to reach to new customers and engaging them more productively. It blends with the platform and creates a seamless experience for the users. It is creating a win-win scenario for all the stakeholders in the digital marketplace and is the future of digital advertisement and marketing.

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