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23/06/2020 Site Promotion

What kind of business you have to be in order to participate in our promotion?

  Our promotional campaign applies to sites that deal with sales. So if your site sells something, it meets the requirements of our promotion.

The product you sell can be of any type, it is important that there is a possibility for the customer to add the product to the cart and then make an order and payment.

The minimum number of sales you made in one month

  In order for our campaign to have positive effects on your sales, you must have a minimum of 20 sales per month. This is important so that we can create a target audience for these sales, which will come to your site in a larger volume, and as the number of targeted visitors increases, so will the number of your sales. It just can’t be simpler.

So based on the sample of your current sales, we generate an audience that will come to buy the product, so you do not scatter advertising to many users, but only to users who buy.


How it works?

   Very simply. We will give you the code you need to post on your site. This code is used to track users on your site, and it will generate statistics about your visitors and pay special attention to those who buy.

Such users will generate a profile of the users to whom it is worth placing an advertisement.

How you can apply for this promotion?

Add your site to our directory and email us about your desire to be part of our promotion so we can agree on further steps to install the necessary code on your site and later set up an ad that will drive your sales.

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