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Painting and Plastering Services Christchurch, Auckland, New Zealand

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We offer best quality Interior and Exterior painting and plastering services in Christchurch, Auckland and throughout New Zealand at cheap cost.

If you are looking for painting and plastering services in Christchurch, Auckland or any city in the New Zealand then onlinemeasures is the platform which gives you the perfect take off measure for your requirement.

Painting and plastering services is the core of construction of any residential, commercial space and it should be done with experts advice and guidance. This is what where the most importance should be given while construction and can play an important role in such painting and plastering requirements.

Onlinemeasures originated in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is the cost effective and accurate take off measure solution for the painting and plastering industry.

Our services includes an itemised take off measure i.e. rooms, bedrooms, offices etc . Each substrate is accurately measured in an easy to understand and formulated spreadsheet that you then add your pricing for each itemised area. Totaling at the bottom including the ability to add GST and any required trade or customer discount structure.

For plastering services, has a team of experienced Quantity Surveyors (QS) skilled in the art of accurate take off measure, ensuring an accurate measure resulting in a profitable job.

Onlinemeasures not only saves you time, it also ensures that none of the areas or the items can be missed off the quote, eliminating the costly surprises for both the customers and for your business.

ITS EASY, if your painting service requirement fits in with one of our onlinemeasures price plans then simply go to PRICE TABLE , UPLOAD your plans and specifications with a detailed information about the requirement, once you have pressed SEND , you will be taking to our payment page, after this we will then get back to you in 5-7 days with take off measure for your project.

With an amazing price plans starting from 220 NZD + GST, onlinemeasures provides a great value solution for detailed and accurate take off measures.

If you have unique requirement which you cannot find under our existing plans then need not to worry, contact us and we will provide a customised quotation for your unique painting and plastering requirement within 24 hours.

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