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David Booth

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David’s clients choose him to be their lawyer because of his very personable approach and his commitment to getting things done efficiently and timely. His willingness to listen to you, understand your concerns and give you a solution which works for you is what makes him different from others.

David is a current member of the New Zealand Law Society and a full member of the Property Law Section of the NZ Law Society. He was formerly an Associate of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand.

Whether this is your first property purchase, or you are very experienced in purchasing property, there are always contractual issues as a purchaser that you need to be clear about. appropriate and timely advice before an agreement is signed (should you make an unconditional agreement to purchase the property or a conditional one and the consequences of either; what entity should buy the property advice on the vendor’s contractual obligations to you working with you and any of your advisors on matters relating to zoning, title, the structure for property ownership advice on tenancy or lease arrangements.

We can also develop documents for you. Settlement of your purchase proceeds smoothly. David Booth has been practising law in Wellington since 1988. He established Booth Law in 1996 with a firm commitment to ensuring that his clients are respected, listened to and provided with legal advice that meets their needs at an affordable price. Booth Law provides you with professional legal advice on purchasing your business.

We suggest enquiries you should make before you make an offer to purchase the business, draft (or check) the agreement to purchase the business, check the lease, incorporate a company or other entity to complete the purchase, deal with the vendor’s lawyers and your Bank, and act on the completion of the settlement.

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