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Business Management is one of the basic subjects if you are pursuing MBA, Msc and BSC Hons. in any country. It is the main subject in the curriculum. The subject basically helps in depicting the way of exercising control in an organization by using all the available resources to manufacture goods and services within a stipulated time. Thus, it basically includes activities such as, Pre-planning, supervising and devising appropriate strategies as per the market or country situation.
Thus, the subject is evolved with learning key significance of other related functions of the industry, such as Operations Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, etc.
Financial Management- It is the process of running and managing the finance of any organization. It basically deals with the running expenditure and the operating cash flow of any organization which also cover to manage all the activities on financial front. The financial management is a part of business management which generally contributes to the decisions taken by the higher/top and key management of the organization.

Production Management- Production management is the most essential tool and one of the key part of the business management. It basically looks for development of the vast key-skill set and focus on the quality and effectiveness of the production process. The process doesn’t only refer to a product manufacturing, instead it will improve the general operating and efficiency of an organization. This will ultimately enhance and improve the growth process of the company.

Operations Management – It is the part of management which basically focuses on the best identity of the activities of the business team. It will also create the strategy to build up the productivity and capability of the key members involved. It will also turn to enhance the growth of the organization by appropriate operations management and executing the policies in the pre-decided way.
Customer Management-It is the most enhanced tool of the marketing which is basically concern on clientele upfront. It targets on facilitating the promotion of providing services to the client and the customers of the company. It will focus on ways of improving their experience towards their product or service. Thus, it is important to every student who is pursuing a degree or diploma in are required to understand the nitty-gritty of all the business aspects and learn how to properly manage the activities of the enterprise. The subject also focuses on developing the managerial decision ability in the era of change management and accordingly managing the resources in an effective way.

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