How to distinguish a good from bad web directory for your website?

30/10/2017 Site Promotion

The Internet today is simply cluttered with a huge number of websites of a wide range of purposes and topics. The competitor of a particular product/service can find it difficult to discover a suitable resource for cooperation. That’s why web directories take special place providing information about a variety of websites. With the help of such directory, you can easily find the portal or online store you need. After all, there is a huge base of websites. But, how to know whether the chosen web directory is good or bad for your website?

Good web directory

We love the word – good. It’s association with order. To find the white web directories we need to know some nuances:

  • The directory should be moderated. These resources are monitored and don’t allow bad sites to be joined there.
  • These are web directories which don’t require a reciprocal links or banner on your site.
  • The web directory should be convenient and accurate

Bad web directory

Perhaps you already guessed that bad web directories are white antagonists. What can they to your website? They can not only leave your site on old positions but also can lower you down. Are you asking how? Search engines filter spam sites. If a spam web directory refers to you, you may be downgraded in the issue by assigning a slogan to your site – spam. Identifying bad web directories is easy:

  1. The web directory contains in its database a large number of very different sites, and, very often, they are distinguished by a narrow specialization. When registering, the owner indicates information about the site being submitted.
  2. A potential applicant, choosing a certain category of goods, will not pass by your resource. If he is interested in quality and other indicators of products, then it’s quite possible that he will become your buyer.
  3. The presence of the website in the web directory of goods and services gives its owner a good chance in promoting it.
  4. Registration in a visited web directory will allow the owner to save on their website promotion, which is often expensive.
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