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We sell both rides on cars and r/c scaled cars. We are a wholesaler and retailer, our advantage is that our prices are competitive and these products are mostly found in the USA And not Canada. We also offer free shipping all over Canada. These toys you can’t find them at Walmart or toy r us so they have a niche to it. The target market is for parents with children and who love cars or parents with children and the is a big fan of the specific car brands. As for RC scaled cars the age 7-18. With a focus on quality, KSKids Auto delivery’s the best quality electric ride on cars available in the market at competitive pricing. At KSKids Auto we wanted to revolutionize the Auto Industry, by providing kids with detailed replicas of the coolest cars in the Auto Market. We were tired of going online and finding a cheap ride on cars that were not licensed and that looked completely different than the actual models. Often times these cars were usually located in far East Asia and required long shipping dates and poor customer service.

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