Baloo Living is a wellness brand founded on the principles that self-care can be transformative, with respect and admiration for the body’s intuitive power to self-heal and restore. Baloo’s signature product, a weighted blanket, is the only such blanket available with chemical-free cotton certified to meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard and lead-free glass micro beads. These blankets come in varying sizes and weights, designed to provide a soothing, grounding experience to support deep sleep and relaxation in an anxious time.
Baloo extends the philosophy of respect for self-care outward toward our communities and the planet, contributing to grassroots nonprofits to support children in vulnerable populations, and by contributing to offset the company’s carbon footprint from shipping and other activities. Baloo believes that when we care of our planet we care for ourselves, and when we care for ourselves, we care for humanity.

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