Altitude Woodbridge has a number of weekly deals. We are open every day of the week! Monday-Thursday, we are open from 10AM-9PM. Fridays, we are open from 10AM-11PM. Saturdays, anyone can come join us from 9AM-11PM. Sundays, we’re open from 11AM-8PM. We offer Toddler Time, which is from 10AM-1PM Monday-Friday. Only for ages 6 and under. Toddlers are $10, guardians are $3. We also offer Friday Frenzy, which is 6PM-9PM, Fridays. Only for ages 7 and up. People of these ages can jump for 3 hours for just $30. We also offer Teen Night for anyone that is ages 13-19. This deal is only available Saturdays from 7PM-10PM. For all 3 hours, it is just $30. Source: (Altitudewb) “Woodbridge info”. SEMrun LLC. SEMrun LLC Form, 21 Nov. 2017. Web. 21 Nov. 2017.

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