Benefits of promotion your website by adding it to web directory?

27/10/2017 Site Promotion

Often novice website creators who want to tell the world about their new super creation are asked how to add (submit) their site to web directories. If you don’t know anything about it, we’ll explain what is a web directory and what are advantages of adding websites to it.

What is the web directory?

A web directory or link directory is a website that contains links to other websites or blogs. Websites in directories are organized into categories and sub-categories for easier search of interested visitors. Web directories are a great way to get targeted visitors to your site. There are specialized and regional directories that attract users who are looking for specific information, products or services. This means that there is a greater chance that visitors who come to your site through the directory become customers or users of your services.

How to add your website to web directories?

Usually, a person wishing to register a website is requested to fill out the form with such basic data:

  • name of the site,
  • website address,
  • short description
  • section of the directory in which the site should participate

Other, additional data, are entered depending on demands of the web directory.

What are the advantages of adding sites to web directories?

Participation in popular large thematic web directories increases the targeted traffic of the site – visitors come to the site interested in the topic. The obvious plus – the wide popularity of the web directory attracts more visitors, although the competition of sites in such web directory is very high, so achieving high positions is not easy. Participation in small web directories increases the chances of the site to be at the highest positions, however, the number of attracted users is lower.

In addition to direct influence on attendance, the presence of sites in web directories also has an indirect effect on their rankings in the search engines. The more web directories refer to the site, the higher the indexing of this site will be.

Registration of sites in web directories is faster compared to registration in search engines, therefore it is actively used for promotion and promotion of sites.

It’s important to remember that you should not add the website to all web directories at random. Web directories with a low rating, with a link to the redirect and registration in adult and non-thematic sections, can do more harm than good.

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